Sointula – the town with no gas, for the next couple of weeks

As of 23rd June 2016, the CoOp gas station is out of gasoline, but still has supplies of diesel. Diesel and propane will be available until sold out, or the Sunday 26th June.

The Sointula CoOp gas station is going through a major retrofit over the next couple of weeks. All the current storage tanks are being removed and replaced with new tanks. Construction will start on June 27, 2016 and is slated for completion in two weeks. Which means the earliest the new tanks can be filled is 12th July 2016, the next scheduled dangerous cargo ferry run.

From June 27th until the work is finished there will be no gasoline, diesel or propane available on Malcolm Island. So please fill up your tanks in Port McNeill before arriving on the island if you are planning to stay for any length of time or are running low on fuel.