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2015 Events

2015 Events coming soon.

2014 Events:
April 25-27th: 14th Annual Doug Innes Memorial Spring Bird Count
May 11th: Annual Seniors Plant Sale
May 17-19th: Annual Mens Baseball Tournament
June 8th: World Ocean’s Day (with Living Ocean’s Society)
July 1st: Annual Sointula Canada Day Regatta
August 9th: 5th Annual Pet Pawrade
August 22-24th: Salmon Days Festival
November 15-16th: Winterfest
Winter: Storm Watching (by chance).


Design Your Own Adventure

Malcolm Island has little in the way of pre-programmed tourist attractions, but you can “design your own adventure”. Wander the town’s streets, grab a latte, visit a gallery or studio, enjoy a halibut burger at the harbour or take one of our day hikes. The miles of accessible beach and long stretches of flat, quiet roads make our island the perfect spot for beachcombing and bike riding. Malcolm Island is the place for people who want to explore for themselves. It offers a safe friendly environment for activities, as well as plenty of solitude for unwinding.

Eccentricities of Sointula

Things you only know if you live here… The ferry line-up is along First Street. The 7:55am ferry leaves at 7:20am on Sundays. The Co-op Store is closed Sundays and Mondays. But the Co-op Gas Station is open Sundays at noon. Local dogs have the right-of-way; if you come across one sleeping on the road, let it sleep and go around. You can make an appointment to see the museum off season.

Sointula’s folklore is rich with tales of local eccentrics. Some are still living among us today.